Twins and other older Fenders

We offer many services for Fender Twins, the Super Reverb, Tremolux, and all the older ones. Hit the black 3rd Coast button on the right side of the homepage and dig through the 3rd Coast portfolio. One Twin Reverb is getting its chassis pulled after being dropped on its face with a 1/4" plug plugged into it; this is but one example. Typical repairs for your Fender truck include:

1. Replacement of capacitors (which only last about 30-40 years, 45 tops)....

    Change them now before you die on stage. You should also hear a difference in the low

    frequency performance of your amp. Capacitors give you the power for your lows.

2. Cleaning of inputs, outputs, controls, and tube sockets which we also retension.

3. Replacement of that AC cable with the red plug that always comes undone from the cord.

4. Repair or replacement of the reverb tank, a fragile analog sound effects package.

5. Retube including bias, hum balance, and/or output tubes matching adjustment.

6. Replacement or repair of failing components in the tremolo circuit.

7. Repair, reglue, touchup, or complete replacement of the black Tolex covering the amp.

    We also offer a custom footswitch with channel changing, reverb switch, tremolo switch, and effects loops for each channel. This really makes the beast into a modern player.
    We also offer the "Blackface" mods for the "Silverface" Twins. Most people opt to keep the preferred reverb circuit of the "Silverface" but add the coil and pull the ultra-linear taps. There are a handful of other minor differences which could be addressed if one wishes.
    The Twins and other older Fenders have proven to be the Ford trucks of guitar amps with 30-45 years in service and hopefully many more years to come. Bring it on in for service, a tune up if you will (and yes, we do body work and Tolex.)