I am an audio engineer who is a jack of all, a dabbler, and a specialist. I have worked in music, live audio, live TV, film, recording, management, A/V equipment management, dabbled in lighting, electrical, sound contracting/installation, networking, acoustics, as a camera operator, set builder, stage crew for a national venue, and assistant to the production manager of a film, but most of my work experience is as an electronics technician. 

I am a troubleshooter. from the micro to the macro. My work requires that I know how to interconnect, make terminations for, operate, test, fix, manage, fabricate, design test equipment for, and understand working principles of all types of audio equipment. I am required to have an understanding of music, electrical systems, signal flow, acoustics, studies in hearing, troubleshooting methodology, logic, schematic and block diagrams, current trends in manufacturing practices & quality control. Solutions often require thinking outside the box.